Friday, May 1, 2009

Found: Bidz

Something that I find very amusing in the world is the idea of ownership. Especially with trends. I find if someone hears about it, finds its or wear it first they think they own it. If it's a trend, a piece of clothing or a certain store you can't own rights to it. You just can't.

I find it even more amusing when people bitch about it. They actually think someone ripped them off. It's like they can't fathom the idea that another person in the world enjoys the same thing or have a similar fashion sense? They are that much of a big deal, obviously everyone wants to be them.

It just goes to show how self-important some people think they are. The internet is a big place. Just because you think you did it first doesn't mean you did. Who are you to say someone is copying off of you. The moral of the story is: don't flatter yourself too much.

Personally, I think if you spend all your time thinking people are copying you, want to be you or are jealous of you, you are obviously a very shallow person. Unless someone is stealing your words, letter for letter, don't open your big mouth and complain about it.

Now onto a lighter topic.

I stumbled upon this site awhile back that I am sure most of you are aware of: I absolutely love it. I have already purchased three over sized gemstone rings. If you're anything like me and enjoy a deal you should check it out!


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  2. Thank you so much. I am fairly new to this blog experiment so I tend to let my everyday life get in the way.