Wednesday, May 27, 2009

And we're back...

I kind of took an unexpected hiatus. Ooops.

Work has been crazy. A new person started working from MY office and let's just say it hasn't been a joy. I have been experiencing some intense headaches due to the fact that she wears heavy scented products. Needless to say, I can't wait to have my office back.

I have been doing good with my goal. I have contributed $500 towards my debt and $500 towards my savings. Go me! Things are going swimmingly. That is, until I visited the American Apparel website today. I had no idea that there was an American Apparel in my close proximity. Now I am itching to buy things! Summer is approaching and I need some cut new things.

One of my favorite style is the reverse tulip skirt/dress. I swoon when I see skirts and dresses in this style. I especially love when the skirts/dresses have pockets......I just blacked out thinking about tulip skirts with pockets. American Apparel has plenty of cute tulip style skirts in cotton that you can dress up or down. I really need to get my butt there.

Picture: a cute black tulip dress from ASOS. (Why do the majority of things I like have to be from Europe)

Here' the link for anyone luck enough to purchase it.

Want to share any tulip dresses or skirts? Please do!

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